MEDIANET-TV PRODUCTION S.C. is dealing in TV production and Public Relations activities. Also representing foreign tourist entities in Poland and on European markets.

Public relations activities and media consultancy:

# We organize study tours for journalists. Our company make a selection of journalists and organize the trip. Also we are responsible for publications in media. MediaNet-TV Production s.c. has organized press-trips for more than 10 years. We made such a press trips about travel in many countries (for example: Germany, Portugal, Netherlands, Slovakia, Latvia).

# We deal with communication strategy and communication management in the field of media. We advise on the choice of media and communication methods, and we purchase advertising space and time in the media. We also act as an intermediary in sharing advertisements on websites.

# We organize press conferences and comprehensively service press centers and offices at large media events: travel fairs, sports competitions, exhibitions, outdoor events (including the host - presenter).

# We offer the services of a press spokesman.

# We edit press releases and deliver them to press, radio and TV editorial offices as well as internet portals.

TV Production

# We offer a wide range of services related to film production, both for television and for the Internet - including advertising productions (commercial).

Other activities:

# marketing

# meetings with travel agencies

# road show – we can organize the presentation in many places

# travel fairs – we can organize the stand and represent the client

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